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Krusty Services

A variety of services are available from Krusty Motorsports, including but not limited to the following (if you don't see it, call or email us.)

Web Page Hosting & Domain Name Service
Virtual FTP services
Electronic Mailing Lists
Secure Web Hosting
Web-based Chat/Bulletin Board services

Web Sites hosted by Krusty Motorsports

The following sites are hosted by Krusty Motorsports:

North American Motorsports Pages
Mohawk Hudson Region SCCA
North New Jersey Region SCCA
Washington D.C. Region SCCA
Fairfield County Sports Car Club
Curtis Hill Modular Homes

Electronic Mailing Lists

Krusty Motorsports has a demonstrated ability to run very large electronic mailing lists; the two largest are the BMW Digest with over 3000 members and the Alfa Digest with over 1000 members.

the Digest.Net

Where we are

Krusty Motorsports
P.O. Box 629
Averill Park, NY 12018

The Krusty Motorsports Alfetta is sponsored by the Golden Krust Bakery of Cohoes NY, and NFG Used Auto Parts.

The Krusty Server is colocated at Acmenet in Albany, New York.

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