1970 Scout 800A

It's been some time since I've updated the pages for my Scout.  A lot has happened since the last update in April 99.  I was fortunate enough to show the '61 Scout in Charlotte, went to Scout Nationals (where the '61 won 1st place in it's class!) and have slowly begun working on the '70.

This Scout was built August 1970 and is what you might call a 'mixed breed'.  In 1970, IH moved from the 800A to the 800B.  The big difference was the side markers.  On 800As, the side markers were round; on the Bs, they were rectangular.  As you can see, the A above has rectangular side markers.  According to the Binder Bulletin FAQ, they stopped making the 800A in July 1970.  Additionally, my A has the IH on the hood and International in the grille - Bs had both the IH and the INTERNATIONAL logos in the grill.

I really need to go ahead and order the lineset ticket.  Another (slight) possibility is that this (or parts of it) came from the elusive SR-2.  The SR-2 came with a white soft top, had two white stripes on the hood (orange/red body) and had 'rocker stripes' that had 'SR-2' emblazoned on them.  The paint job on the hood looks like it 'may' have been done by a previous owner or was possibly a replacement hood for the vehicle.  I have seen no evidence of the rocker stripes.

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